the faces you make when reading a fanfic

This is just a short GIF compilation list of what I think are some of the more common “faces” or expressions readers make whenever they’re immersed in a piece of fanfiction or a new book.

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[july log 1] is it possible for me to get a do-over?

Lots of people reminisce about the past.

Lots of people would like to change their past if they could. If we could reverse some things, or maybe even alter it all completely, we all wish we could go back.

I am one of those people. I’m always stuck reminiscing about certain events and spend a copious amount of time on “What Ifs”. It doesn’t matter if I could never do anything about it now. It doesn’t even matter that there is no way to erase my memory of it. For one reason or another, I find myself thinking about things I should bury.

This past month I have realized that I am the biggest obstacle to myself. I’ve said this before, and I’ve known this for quite a long time now but I am the biggest burden I could ever carry around.

My old, unloving and negative self followed me all the way here, to the new place I now consider as my home. I brought it here and began knowingly infecting the foreign neutral spaces around me and didn’t even try to stop myself from losing control. I couldn’t let myself have a fresh start of a clean slate. I just HAD to ruin things for myself and possibly sully what future I may have. This restart was the option I was looking for when I was experiencing hard times and yet—I have spread the gray, unwanted cloud everywhere and I fear that this might infect other people.

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reading through it all (what i’ve been up to)

Here’s my very first series..thing! Yay me!

So I haven’t been writing for a while (which is a bad idea I think I must avoid), because I have been doing a lot more reading than writing for the better half of the past couple of weeks  month. It’s not a totally bad thing to do,  and some say that it can be helpful in your journal-ing.

I picked up a book recently, and I haven’t started reading it yet because I easily get distracted into a story once it’s in my hands. When it comes to titles that particularly interest me, I just flat-out get absorbed into it. That’s the kind of reader I am. I tend to block everything out and nothing else matters but the book in my hands, and the world within it. It just happens to me and I know for sure that this I’m not alone in this odd bookworm habit. When you love to read, books can easily draw you  in.

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