reading through it all (what i’ve been up to)

Here’s my very first series..thing! Yay me!

So I haven’t been writing for a while (which is a bad idea I think I must avoid), because I have been doing a lot more reading than writing for the better half of the past couple of weeks  month. It’s not a totally bad thing to do,  and some say that it can be helpful in your journal-ing.

I picked up a book recently, and I haven’t started reading it yet because I easily get distracted into a story once it’s in my hands. When it comes to titles that particularly interest me, I just flat-out get absorbed into it. That’s the kind of reader I am. I tend to block everything out and nothing else matters but the book in my hands, and the world within it. It just happens to me and I know for sure that this I’m not alone in this odd bookworm habit. When you love to read, books can easily draw you  in.

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