gugudan’s A GIRL LIKE ME [TITLE Review]

VIXX’s sister group gugudan  returns with a fresh sound through their promotional single, “A Girl Like Me” from their second mini album, “Act. II Narcissus”.

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Stay Out Of The Forest, Get A Job

As spring approaches, I’ve been doing some reflecting. Even though it was my first time experiencing it, winter was kind to me. And so far, I can say that March has been a very welcoming month. Which, I think is very appropriate because I am currently at a point in my existence’s timeline where I am (in some ways) restarting from scratch.

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Red Velvet’s ROOKIE [TITLE Review]

RED VELVET’S new song ROOKIE might not have been what we expected and sure–we could’ve all appreciated a break in between comebacks for the girls–but it actually does grow on you.

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