what will you find here on ‘a blog that writes’?


1.) the general idea

As my tagline suggests, I’ll be writing about “about fandom, literature and the occasional introspection”. While I don’t think I’d be writing about everything under the sun, what I am trying to do is create a good outlet of expression for myself. I have a lot of things that I like, a few topics I can honestly say that I’m somewhat passionate about, and a lot of desire to obsess, imagine and prove myself.

And so here I am, trying to make something amazing out of my twenties that would hopefully be a helpful turning point in my otherwise, comfy life.

But seriously, I think I’ll mostly be writing about updates on my life, aspirations that hopefully don’t run dry, K-pop groups and how to avoid being a weeaboo, God (???), the process of writing and books I should finish.


2.) terrible photos

I am, by no means, a pro at taking pics. I know it’s a fairly easy skill to learn, and I am working on it. But for now, the extent of my point-and-shoot prowess is mostly thinly veiled in the form of filtered backgrounds for my blog post titles.


3.) lots and lots and LOTS of strikethroughs (yes, I know that isn’t a real word)

So I use the strike-through formatting…..thing… in a lot of my sentences. They mostly mean thoughts that just slip out or whatever but anyways, I don’t think I really care that much about it to be seriously concerned.


4.) self-depreciation (well not really)

I have a love-hate relationship with my writing. But really, what writer isn’t?

I have a ton of insecurities about how I write. I often wonder if I even have a writing style or if I’m just vomiting out words that nobody understands. First off, I have always considered myself to be a writer and not a blogger. I started blogging at the age of eight (much to my chagrin) but started devouring books much earlier on. I would write on every piece of paper I could find and fill my school notebooks with ambitious drabbles. (Those notebooks never survived and I sadly wish that I could’ve saved them.) There were so many countless times I got busted for reading novels in class instead of listening to the lecture. I’ve always had a sense that I was going to be some big-shot fantasy author by the time I turned twelve but here we are, more than a decade later and STILL nitpicking through every single aspect of my writing. (That’s right i’m looking at you, seventh-grade grammar.)


5.) book reviews??? (maybe not)

Maybe fanfiction reviews. Maybe.


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