Hello, internet dwellers!

My name is Greta and I am an aspiring, antisocial writer who spends most of her time making up stories in her head and binge-watching procedural dramas non-stop.

I also like browsing endlessly on Tumblr, retweeting giveaways, watching video essays on Youtube, and reading homoerotic fanfiction about my favorite anime characters. I do not own any cats or hamsters, but I do live with more than five dogs.

I hope this blog eats up much of my time, if not all of it. I started this blog in February and so far I have like what, five posts? II really need to work on this whole laziness thing.

I don’t really have a particular niche for my blog, and it’s mostly just me writing in my usual lazy, reckless manner. Going with the flow, so to speak. This is a continuous work-in-progress that I hope, by the grace of God be something I would be immensely proud of (to add to my writing portfolio.)