the faces you make when reading a fanfic

This is just a short GIF compilation list of what I think are some of the more common “faces” or expressions readers make whenever they’re immersed in a piece of fanfiction or a new book.

Whenever you find a relatively new read that looks oh-so promising.


When looking at an OC/lead who’s playing hard to get with their romantic/love interest.


When a character dies and your poor heart can’t stop breaking into little pieces.


Standing back as you watch the tension for between characters and is just waiting for the tea to spill.


Feeling sleepy bec you stayed up all night reading this really long multi-chaptered fic.


Skipping the Not-Important-Just-Fillers and going straight for the plot progression.


When the author writes in a really mind-blowing/complicated way and you have to re-read everything to get it.


When a charcter gets thrown off-track by their own “distracted-ness”.


Whenever you stumble upon a cringe-y scene/dialogue and just want to erase that from your mind.


When shit’s about to start and you can feel the impeding doom so you start talking to fictional people.


Later on when you realize you missed a very important detail to the characters’ development.


When you’re pining over a ship that just won’t sail and you’re too stubborn to admit defeat.


Reading some weird and inane and borderline impossible technicalities of a story that wouldn’t even make any sense in this story’s own universe.


Every time a deep secret/ great conspiracy theory from 200 years ago is revealed.


When a side character/anatagonist rambles on about his petty woes.


Me silently watching and approving as the foreplay starts. Cue the buttery popcorn!


When you come across a really stupid situation that has the simplest of solutions and cry out of frustration.


When an author leaves a really good chapter on such a cliffhanger and hasn’t updated yet.


Slowly going crazy when you realize you’ve been thinking about that same fic for weeks now.


unexpected plot twist when ure chilling
Whenever sudden plot twists ruins your day by pulling your hair from right behind you. #snatched


feels like im reading upside down giphy
Not understanding anything the author wants to say that it’s like reading a book upside down.



An appropriate illustration of the rush of feels you get while reading.

And yes, I realize Anna Kendrick appeared 3x here. Can’t blame me though, that girl has some of the most reblog-gable gifs and quotes from interviews and movies and other things ever. She’s literally all over my Tumblr dashboard. And also, yes: I did manage to sneak another Vanessa Hudgens gif in there. Bless.

I usually just have a BIG WALL of text and it seems super imposing (but it isn’t I assure you) so I decided to change things up a bit and have a post just comprising of GIFs. I don’t really have a set format with my blogging yet, as consistency is a huge problem. (Gotta fix that ASAP I know.)

But being me, I just couldn’t resist putting in a line paragraph or two. ^___^

Anyways, here are just some of what I think are the more usual reactions and feelings we have whenever we’re reading fanfics or the classic page-turner.

What about you? Are there any more GIFs you’d like to share that relates to this? Drop me line and tell me all about the ones that I missed or if you have a better GIF for some of the mentioned faces above! If I come up with any more #relatable things about reading or writing or fanfics I might do a part two!

I LOVE fanfiction and the whole community surrounding it all and I’ve been a fic writer for about eleven or twelve years now so you can trust that I know what I’m talking about. (Don’t, it’s all a ruse; I don’t actually know any better than you lot.)

All pictures where taken from GIPHY and Tumblr. I don’t know where else they were sourced; I should probably see to that too. >___<

Next Up: more fanfiction-related things! How exciting! (And maybe some #DragonCon2017 business after that…hmmmm….we’ll see, no promises here!)

See you all soon,




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Hello, internet dwellers! I am an aspiring, antisocial writer who spends most of her time making up stories in her head and eating cornflakes. I am a person of many interests. Hopefully, through my blogs and other connected social networking accounts, I could make something out of those interests and ultimately, myself. I follow many kinds of blogs, even some that aren't necessarily within my zone of knowledge. My mains reason for starting a blog is that I wanted a space to have not only an outlet, but also a way for me to gradually construct my writing portfolio.

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