how to spend your days (some tips to curb boredom)

Hey, look! Another post! As I am a habitual procrastinator, this must be commemorated! Maybe I’ll give myself a slice of crumb cake later on. Or maybe I’ll allow myself to have more than 10 pieces of salted pretzels. I’ll probably do both. But more on that later; or never.

I made this list earlier this year, while I was still waiting for my life to begin. I had hoped to do all of them, but so far…(as always) I didn’t even start immediately. Again, if other people or Thought Catalog still has not told you this is a bad idea…I’m telling you now, being a huge lazy-ass bum is a very, very bad idea. 10 out of 10 would not recommend.

Here are some of the things you can do to waste your life spend your time trying to do something other than stare at a blank wall all damn day.

  • Fat Cat Exercises

It’s called The 7-Minute Workout and you can find the site and Google Chrome plug-in here. It’s for lazy people. Purrfect for fat cats like me.

  • Mess Around With Your Hair

I’m notoriously known for having bad hair days all-day, every day because I literally cannot be bothered to do my hair; especially not so early in the morning. But recently, I bought some sponge ball foam curlers to make my hair feel prettier add some much-needed volume to the ends of my hair. It honestly takes so much more time than I would like but it certainly builds up your patience.

Even BMO knows the importance of good dental hygiene. Good for you BMO!


  • Brush Teeth

This may sound a bit weird and isn’t a piece of advice you hear every day but, for me this was something I think was necessary since apparently healthcare in America is too expensive so I gotta make do with what I got (and it doesn’t hurt to do it either).

As far as I could remember, this has been me ever since I developed a passion for literature.
  • Read A Book

This is something that I talk about frequently. Read more. It’s an effectively tool for boredom AND learning. It stimulates your brain and keeps you entertained for hours on end. Though you can read in any format, I recommend printed copies.

  • Check Your Social Networks For A While

Nothing beats scrolling through your various feeds and seeing what you’re friends and colleagues are up to. Please note that this is best done in private, and in silence. While you hold your breath, count to ten and then exhale loudly. Then proceed to do it again.

On the set of Poppy’s alt-j Breezeblocks cover


  • Take Pictures Of Random Things

My phone is full of pictures I cannot explain. And I do this so much for reasons still unknown to me. I hardly ever take pictures of myself. So I just take pictures of random things. Mostly photos of the sky or the floor or some random foliage. Exciting I know. This started back in 2012, when I first got my hands on a smart phone… and then BOOM! Point-and-shoot skill acquired!

For example: I would really like to know what is going on in this perfume ad for SnK; Levi being a sassy haute-couture model is one of my fave au characters!


  • Learn A New Language

There’s tons of services and apps that allow you to take lessons specially-designed to help you retain knowledge of a different language. I’m currently learning German, and I’ve been doing it on-and-off but what you really need is dedication since it’s proven that recapping every day is more effective If you’ve got tons of free time, this should be no problem. (Do as I say, not as I do.)

My Favorite Murder is entertaining and informative on all sorts of levels.


  • Listen To a Podcast

Any podcast that tickles your fancy will do. I recently discovered that Spotify has a new section for podcasts, and I’ve been using that instead of ITunes. I’ve discovered so many new shows (that I would normally skip past) and it’s been proving to be more than entertaining and highly educational.

  • Back-Up Your Devices

Unless you have back-ups automatically set up, this wouldn’t be hard. I don’t have them set up like that, so I have to it manually. Back up your files and apps and all that. I do this because I like making things harder for myself. If you do too, then this is something you should add to your “Micro Ways I Can Torture Myself” list.

  • Do Yer Laundry

This is something that I fail to do as an adult person. But to clarify: I know how to wash clothes. It’s one of the few things I know how to do. And I’ve been doing it for a while now. But as I’ve discovered this past few months, living in a house where

  • Attempt To Put Make Up On

I blame YouTube beauty gurus. Try as I might to put makeup on my face…or even just my eyes. I can’t make myself look decent enough. SIGH. that doesn’t stop me from having late-night make-up sessions practicing with eyeshadow. I always end up with uneven eyes.

  • Apply Lotion Everywhere On Your Body

I know, another weird task, right? But actually, this is something i was taught to do ever since I was young. I never did it back at home, but now that i have free time, I do this a lot. I don’t know if it does anything, and I’m certainly not the most observant of people to notice such things, but it’s supposed to help your skin so I guess it works.

“You’re so silly….”


These are just some of the things I came up with, and I think there’s so more that I forgot to put here. Maybe I’ll do a part two. (Which will likely not happen.)

Anyways, I had to stop myself from making this post any longer, as I always have an impulsion to overcompensate for my missed posts. So much for #PostAWeek2017.


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