BookTubers To Watch Out For This 2017 (Even Though It’s Already May)

I know we’re almost halfway through 2017, but I thought it would be nice to compile a list of BookTube personalities that other people might want to go and check out.

See, I don’t really venture out to religiously watch BookTubers as I do with Dan and Phil, Janna Tew and The Pin-Up Companion. So I see this as a way to discover new people who might give me new recs for reading and book subscription boxes.

In case no one understands my handwriting, I listed everyone down below!

Some seem very prominent in the community and people who are reading this might be subscribed to them already but hey, you might’ve forgotten about them so here you go and watch their stuff!


  • InsaneReader
  • The Drunken Library
  • Flipping Through Pages
  • ConnieBell
  • Alyxandria Ang
  • A Clockwork Reader
  • enchantology
  • Merphy Napier
  • abooktopia
  • Lauryn’s Library
  • Katytastic
  • freeinfiction
  • BooksWithEmilyFox
  • Hailey In Bookland
  • Tashapolis
  • wordcrown
  • LilyCReads
  • A Thousand Books To Read
  • LovelyLikeLaura
  • Chelsea Palmer
  • sarahannereads
  • Books&Brews
  • Poetic_Butterfly13
  • Sarai Talks Books
  • Coffee and Chapters
  • A Girl and A Book
  • Pages and Pens
  • Zimmy


So that’s everyone I’ve been watching so far, with the exception of Peter Monn over at Peter Likes Books (and he has like…four other channels). I honestly can’t get enough of him because he is such a ray of sunshine!

Does anybody have any recommendations for other BookTube people to look out for? If you do, I would love to hear about them! I’m already thanking you in advance!!!

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