Some Fresh Upkeep (i couldn’t think of what else to call it so i guess that one’s gonna stick)

So y’all know the useless, uninteresting, and tasteless space that most blogs have somewhere on the sides of their blogs? Yeah, that space on the side (either shown on the left or right) that is standard for some blogs but are sometimes more of an eye-sore than a real help to viewers of a blog?

A sidebar.

Most people fill their sidebar with buttons and links and a complete cloud for all their tags. But not me. I don’t have any of those things. I also can’t draw for shit so a button or signature is currently out-of-the-question. (My boring blog logo will attest to that.) Point is, you see a fair amount of junk and info on there. My little sidebar was a bit bare, so I thought it needed a thing…or two.

I will probably do this until I get a better grasp of what this blog would be like in the future, from a design standpoint at least.So here was what was on it/ what it looked like last month:




“These two are just so adorable XD (Anyone else binging on HTTYD like a 10-year-old? No? Just me? Okay then.)”

I finished all four seasons without realizing that I already finished ALL FOUR SEASONS. The first night I literally watched it until morning (yet another bad habit, I know) and maybe finished the series for like…a week after maybe.

Unlike ‘Trollhunters’, I watched the whole thing. I still haven’t finished TH and I don’t remember what episode I was on. I remember watching the entire first season and then realizing that it wasn’t over yet and there were more than just thirteen episodes to the first arc despite the story seemingly closing that part of….What’s-His-Face’s journey as the first human troll hunter.

I actually like the Trollhunter series…it just seemed to drag on from that part where they destroyed the thing that was very dangerous and got rid of the big, bad guy. That’s pretty vague, I know but….I’m trying to be spoiler free here. It’s not really my forte and usually, I just ruin shows and movies for lots of people without meaning to. This is me trying to prevent that. And so far I don’t think I’m failing.

They may not be working on another season though since How To Train your Dragon 3′ will hit cinemas in 2019 (I think). But DreamWorks is like a reaaalllyyy big company that’s doing a lot of other projects so if they are going to make another season for Race To the Edge and I just haven’t heard of it yet (which is most likely the case)–they may be working on it as we speak.

I also just realized that I learned how to speak pig latin from these books…meaning I actually read them before there was even a movie and just didn’t connect the two together. To be fair, the Hiccup I vaguely remember was like, seven or something. I only read two or three books from the entire series; most likely not in chronological order. The reason why I remembered was because of that episode where the twins speak what they coined as “boar latin” and (sorta) understood what they said at the same time I was having a micro-flashback.


There was more space so I wanted to share the masterpiece that is IU’s “Palette”.

“PALETTE (featuring G-Dragon)” is an aesthetically pleasing and mellow release by IU following her previous declaration of maturity in “TWENTY-THREE”.

Here’s her comeback stage for Inkigayo on SBS:

For more of her epic wall dance, her other live stages are here, here and here. OH and before I forget, here’s an artfully-executed fanmade MV by Thien Dam that truly captures the original:

I’m not the biggest IU fan but I do love a lot of her work. I discovered her through ‘Marshmellow’ (Is that how it’s spelled? I don’t know anymore.) but I didn’t really like that one. ‘Friday’ is the single she released that I mostly replayed.  Honestly, I just didn’t know what to put there so I kinda just went with it. But then I realized I was so late in raving about ChungHa‘s ballad so I put it on my sidebar for this month.




Since I already finished Dragons, I wanted to find a new and funny gif to display. I ended up with a gif of Cyd and Shelby from one of the silliest shows that I absolutely adore, Best Friends Whenever. (…that I just found out was canceled back in December but just announced two months ago.) Maybe I should just stop with the clingy attachment I always develop towards my favorite shows.


I’m really late on releases and things. I never really intended to have the videos featured to just be K-Music but I don’t really go out of my comfort zone to be a fan of the artists as opposed to being a fan of their work outside of Central Asian mainstream pop music.

Anyways, ChungHa came out with her spring song ‘Week’. She’s my fifth favorite (though that isn’t a fixed position as I tend to stan I.O.I members “just because”. (If anyone must know, SoHye is my NO.1!). I absolutely loved her in the show’s ’35 Girls, 5 Concepts’ round with Pinkrush.

I also don’t know what else to put on there so I’m just messing around with the free basic features of this theme (which I promptly forgot the name of).



So that’s my update, a new series of blog posts to work on when I literally have nothing creative to say. Since I’m very lazy it’ll just be changed from whatever it is now to whatever it will be next every month.

I’m excited that I began this week….THIS DAY with another post that’s totally not proofread!!! My titles are a bit…tacky and don’t contain relevant buzzwords that pertain to what the actual content of the post is.

I notice that I have established about maybe….two? three? kinds of posts here that fall under the three non-specific categories I conjured up here on my blog. I do know that posts come in different forms and not all of them necessarily contain words or any text. I could start posting collages or whatever. However, that defeats the purpose and name of is blog which is “A Blog That Writes…”. Sucky branding, some might say. But it was the best I could come up with and went with it.

That’s it for me this Monday. If you took the time to read my post and managed to stay in one piece after all that, then thank you very much, kind reader. I really don’t know how I’m getting views and visitors on this blog whenever I don’t have a post scheduled.

Until the next one,

~~ Greta ~~


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Hello, internet dwellers! I am an aspiring, antisocial writer who spends most of her time making up stories in her head and eating cornflakes. I am a person of many interests. Hopefully, through my blogs and other connected social networking accounts, I could make something out of those interests and ultimately, myself. I follow many kinds of blogs, even some that aren't necessarily within my zone of knowledge. My mains reason for starting a blog is that I wanted a space to have not only an outlet, but also a way for me to gradually construct my writing portfolio.

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