gugudan’s A GIRL LIKE ME [TITLE Review]

VIXX’s sister group gugudan  returns with a fresh sound through their promotional single, “A Girl Like Me” from their second mini album, “Act. II Narcissus”.

GENERAL CONSENSUS: Way Better Than Their Debut

I love gugudan. I can’t say how much I ABSOLUTELY ADORE these girls. They’re a well-managed and well-trained idol group that has been, for the most part– ignored or labelled as “flop idols” during their debut last year. From what I’ve gathered, K-netizens and the portion of the public who are considered fans of the K-Pop genre and idol industry have very fluid music tastes. Most of the time, it all seems to depend on what art concept has been garnering their attention–or more aptly put–“trending”.

So far, listeners have been ranting about how much they dislike the group as much as they have been proclaiming their love for the new concept and the lead song entitled “A Girl Like Me”. Which is honestly pretty predictable, as gugudan is under a company that has only one other group (that would be VIXX) and have more than a handful of soloists signed to them with one of them being Superstar K Season 1 Winner, Seo In Guk. 


The song achieved the Top 2 spot on SBS’s The Show yesterday and it shows their ability to deliver and draw out the exuberance a fun, subtlely empowering song like AGLM requires. It’s only been a week and they’ve already been charting high on MelOn and the press around their first comeback has been amped up this time. 

A lot of people have been commenting on how, “this style” (referring to what is known as the “girl crush concept”) would have been perfect for their debut and would have done better than Wonderland did on the rankings. Initially I agreed, but then thought that this change was better off as it was originally presented. A Girl Like Me sets them up as chic and mature girls with a dash of cuteness added to them. It all ties in to the group’s entire concept of course, and this was executed with such delicate intricacy that it’s almost simple in it’s message. This is from the description box of the music video:

“The second work gugudan uses for Act.2 is the 16th century Italian painting Narcissus by Caravaggio. The work uses the character, who appears in the Greek myth Narcissus, which is about a man who loves himself so much that he falls in love with his own reflection.

Narcissus is commonly referred to in the modern times through the word “narcissism” to mean “self-love”, and gugudan reinterpreted the term to express a more positive message unique to gugudan, of loving ourselves as we are. “Narcissus” is also the genus name for the flower daffodil, which also has the flower meaning “self-love,” and is used in the designs for the upcoming album.”

It’s clear Jellyfish Entertainment has put a more solid effort in making this comeback stick and do better for the future of the group and that shows in the members’ dedicated attitude on stage and on camera.

I usually take a step back and cringe at these groups with the unnecessarily deep back stories or confusing group concepts like EXO‘s, After School‘s and NCT‘s but, I really like how they are apparently going to portray different stories and different concepts with every comeback. It has definitely piqued my interest.Changing concepts for every comeback is actually a norm and a gleaming feature in the K-Pop idol industry; yet I have hopes that Jellyfish will maintain the theme and keep the changes relevant and with an effective impact, as they did with this EP that champions self-love. It might work, it might not. We’ll have to wait on that though.

(UpperRow) SoYee, HyeYeon, Mina, Nayoung, and Haebin (LowerRow) Sejeong, Hana, Mimi and Sally

The girls still have their rookie appeal and use that to reintroduce themselves and managed to snag my ears with their voices and (surprisingly) generous line distribution. Sally still doesn’t have much lines though….fans have been saying it’s because she hasn’t been in Korea that long so her knowledge of the culture and mastery of the language is still inadequate. It seems true enough, so I’ve got no reason to doubt it yet.

They’re all so talented and I’m glad that aside from Nayoung, Mina and Sejeong, the others have a bit of space to show how they are a group to watch out for. I especially liked how HaeBin, Mimi, and Soyee projected themselves in the MV.

While we’re all missing I.O.I., I don’t think Pristin (and whatever future group Somi will be herded into) will disappoint–if gugudan is any indication.

gugudan on SBS ‘The Show’ Mar 7, 17 Ranked #2

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